A fresh approach

Sun Rich Canada is a leader in fresh-cut produce products for food service and retail. To enable North America-wide distribution, we operate advanced Fresh Facilities in Vancouver and Toronto.

With increasing emphasis on healthy and convenient foods, food service operators, retailers, and consumers choose Sun Rich.

Why Choose Us

Food Safety

Food Safety is our #1 priority. Both of our facilities are SQF certified with highest industry scores by independent third party audits (NSF, SQF etc). We have stringent Vendor GAP, GMP and HACCP programs in place in addition to a full traceability program.

Always Fresh

All our products are fresh, made to order with zero finished goods inventory and short order to production lead times. We provide our customers coast to coast with best-in-class fill rates and on time deliveries where applicable.

High Quality

Our focus remains on providing our customers with the highest quality products. Our advanced service model allows us to excel at managing short shelf-life products and getting the best quality to our customers which each order.

Coast to Coast National Distribution

With two fresh facilities in Canada, we are perfectly positioned to provide customers with products and consistent quality coast to coast in Canada. We provide these products successfully through both retail and foodservice channels.

Reduce Labor and Waste

Our goal is to help our customers by providing fresh products aimed at reducing labour and waste within their operation. With consistent pricing that does not fluctuate weekly, our products can be counted on to save you time, money and labour.


We work closely with our customers to bring new products to the market in a quick and timely manner.