About Us

Twenty five years ago, the foodservice industry had ready-to-serve fresh-cut vegetables, but no ready-to-serve fresh-cut fruit. Brian Tieszen saw the need for this sweet and healthy addition, so he founded Sun Rich Fresh Foods, Inc. in June 1988.

In the early days, we processed our high-quality, fresh-cut fruit with just a staff of four. Today, we have high-volume processing Fresh Facilities in Vancouver, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Reading. We supply everything from pails filled with a single type of precision-cut fruit to fresh salad kits that are ready to mix and serve, and our customers range from foodservice providers to retailers. 

With a recent and welcome increased demand for fresh-cut fruit, consumers, foodservice operators, and retailers are looking for healthy and easy-to-use alternatives for mealtimes. In response, we're proud to deliver fresh, safe, and convenient fruit that is as delicious as it is economical.

For more information, contact the Sun Rich Fresh Facility nearest you. 

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