1. Featured PRODUCT Fresh No Preservative - Now 18 day shelf life!
  2. Why FRESH-CUT? See why Sun Rich fresh-cut fruit makes sense
  3. Featured RECIPE Asian Fusion Fruit Lettuce Wraps (with video)
  4. SUSTAINABILITY Our environmental initiatives, explored.

Sweet, crisp apples sliced to perfection. A trio of melons precision-cut to look as tempting as they taste. Fruit-based salads like the Waldorf, Rio Citrus, Sunshine, and others ready to mix and serve. Sun Rich has each of these readily available, along with a wide variety of other fruit favorites.
We cut and prepare our fruit fresh to order and package it in any number of ways to ensure freshness, convenience and safety. For any meal, to any customer, you can be confident serving fresh-cut fruit from Sun Rich.


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