Fresh No Preservative Products

Flavor meets Freshness and Convenience!

We've combined the great taste of Sun Rich fresh-cut fruit products with our revolutionary no preservative packaging technology to deliver retail consumers an amazing 14-day shelf life (from date of packing).

Sun Rich Fresh No Preservative fruit is now available in convenient 1lb/454g tubs in these great flavors:

Fruit Salad

Our most popular blend of sweet oranges, golden pineapple, ripe cantaloupe and honeydew melon, and seedless red grapes.

Orange Sections

Juicy ripe orange sections ready to add to your favourite salad, dessert or to enjoy right out of the container!

Grapefruit Sections

Refreshing grapefruit sections ready to enjoy.

Orange & Grapefruit Sections

A 50/50 mix of juicy orange and refreshing grapefruit sections.

Pineapple Chunks

Super sweet golden pineapple chunks ideal for grilling.

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