Fresh-cut Apples

My fiance & I stayed at the Best Western in Olds, AB… When we had breakfast the following morning, we grabbed a few bags of apple slices. I am pleased to tell you I JUST ate them & they were so fresh & crispy, just as if they had been cut up this morning!…Congratulations on making such a fantastic product. Not sure what your secret is, but I will certainly look for your products again & will be happy to rave about them to anyone & everyone!”
Veronica C., Hotel Guest

Biting into a piece of crisp, sweet apple is practically a favorite past time. So a variety of the finest red and green are on order, available in a number of package shapes and sizes to ensure you can serve your customer their favorite any time of the year.

Serving Ideas

  • Pair with cheese for a perfect snack
  • Throw pieces in a salad
  • Add them to baking
  • A hit with kids, they're an excellent source of vitamin C

Nutritional Information

Apple Slices

Apple Slices & 2oz Low Fat Dip

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