Fresh No Preservative FAQ's

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Who’s this product ideal for?

No Preservative is ideal for those wanting to offer a natural, fresh fruit product, but with a longer shelf life than existing fresh-cut or in-house processed fruit. 

What’s the shelf life of the product?

No Preservative products have a 18-day shelf life from the date they’re processed (10 days for melon-only products). Each pail has a date code printed on it, indicating the recommended best before date. To maintain the best possible quality and ensure customers have an excellent experience with No Preservative, we recommend storing it at 33-40° F (1-4° C).

Are there any preservatives?

There are no preservatives used, making No Preservative ideal as a natural, fresh fruit option. 

Is it safe without preservatives?

Yes! Because of the advanced processing techniques used in the preparation of No Preservative and the all-natural pH-adjusted ingredients, it is completely safe and delicious throughout it’s shelf life when stored according to directions.

Is this product suitable for people with diabetes?

The American Diabetes Association advises “fruit is a healthy food. It contains fiber and lots of vitamins and minerals. Because fruits contain carbohydrates, they need to be included in your meal plan. Talk to your dietitian about the amount, frequency and types of fruits you should eat.”  Majority of sugar present in our No Preservative products occur naturally in the fruits, therefore the impact our No Preservative fruits have on diabetics should be similar to fresh-cut fruits under normal circumstances.  Anyone with specific health issues should consult with their physician or dietitian. For more information about diabetes and diet, please visit :

Nutritional Facts:

No Preservative Fruit Salad

No Preservative Rio Citrus Salad

No Preservative Grapefruit Sections

No Preservative Orange Sections

Fresh No Preservative Pineapple Chunks

No Preservative Cantaloupe Chunks

No Preservative Honeydew Chunks

How many servings can I get per pail?

Based on standard 1/2-cup (120g) servings, the 14 lb pail of Fresh No Preservative will yield about 38 portions and the 32 lb pail yields about 90 portions, making menu costing easy and fast.

How does Fresh No Preservative save me money?

When you calculate your cost on usable yield and include labor, cutting your own fruit becomes quite expensive. As well, you need to consider the additional costs of bulk product storage, spoilage, short shelf life, inconsistent cutting, and considerable food safety risks associated with in-house cutting. With Fresh No Preservative, you get virtually 100% yield, long shelf life, reliable quality and food safety, and consistent pricing year-round. Fresh No Preservative simply makes good business sense.

I've got more questions or would like to request a sample

No problem, call our customer service team at 1-800-661-0087 or use our feedback form for more information or to request samples.

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