Fruit Salads

…allows me to provide fresh fruit all year long… The labor savings PLUS the ‘kick it up a notch’ look this product provided will make it a staple on every order… and on every wedding buffet I create”
Debi B., Caterer

Our portfolio of fruit salads give you options to serve while having one thing in common: convenience. Well, two things: They're all mouth-wateringly delicious!


Fruit Salad

The classic fruit salad that customers return for time and time again. 

Fruit Salad features juicy orange sections, pineapple chunks, sweet honeydew and cantaloupe chunks, and crisp red seedless grapes.


Rio Citrus SaladRio Citrus Salad

A perfect combination of sweet and tangy that guests love! A mix of pineapple, juicy orange sections, luscious grapefruit segments, and crisp red seedless grapes.




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