Fresh Preservative-Free Fruit al Fresco™

FPFFAF PailGet more freshness!

Finally, the sweet flavor, crisp texture, and enticing aroma of perfectly prepared fresh-cut fruit combines with ready-to-use convenience and safety – and absolutely no preservatives.

Get more customers!

Times are changing. As customers request more and more preservative-free fresh food items, the challenge is to offer items that fill the demand yet also make good business sense.

If you’re a foodservice operator and want to offer fresh fruit on your menu, but don’t want the preservatives found in existing products; or the costs and challenges of preparing high-quality fruit products in-house; we’ve created Fresh Preservative-Free Fruit al Fresco just for you!

Get more practical!

Fresh Preservative-Free Fruit al Fresco has an amazing 16-day shelf life, giving you plenty of time for merchandising and selling. Packaged in two sizes of round plastic pails (14 & 32lbs.) with built-in handles and tear-tab lids, Fresh Preservative-Free Fruit al Fresco is clean and easy to handle. Fresh Preservative-Free Fruit al Fresco saves you time and money while giving your customers a superior fresh fruit experience.

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