Food Safety

We're committed to the highest standard for safe, high-quality, fresh-cut fruit products in North America. Make no mistake about it, food safety is our top priority.

We're proud to have an exceptional food safety record, and we plan to keep it. We'll continue to do this through extensive quality control measures during each step of our operation, which ensures the freshest and safest products possible.

Supplier Approval

  • Approved fruit vendors follow "Good Agricultural Practices"
  • Products must conform to documented Sun Rich specifications
  • Suppliers are required to pre-wash and sort all raw materials
  • Full inspection of all raw materials upon arrival


  • All four Sun Rich Fresh Facitilities are SQF (Safe Quality Food) certified 
  • "Good Manufacturing Practices" are followed in all facilities
  • State-of-the-art production facilities designed specifically to ensure food safety and maximum quality
  • Our production flow minimizes cross-contamination
  • Processing, packing, and storage rooms are all temperature controlled
  • Extensive employee hygiene training
  • Comprehensive pest control and preventative maintenance programs
  • Recall and traceability systems in place
  • Effective internal self-audit program
  • Annual third-party GMP and food safety audits
  • We contribute every year to the Produce Marketing Association's Gold Circle food safety campaign, helping to fund critical programs and initiatives that promote global food safety


  • Documented standard sanitation operating procedures
  • Fully trained sanitation crews
  • Dedicated daily sanitation shift
  • Regular microbial testing of plant environment and all food contact surfaces


  • Comprehensive, documented HACCP systems followed in all facilities
  • Hazard analyses conducted to identify all critical control points
  • Continual monitoring of wash water chlorine and pH concentration
  • Citric and ascorbic acid added to solution to ensure pH below 4.6 for food safety
  • Regular verification and validation activities conducted
  • HACCP systems verified annually by independent third-party national laboratory

Quality Assurance

  • Quality assurance technicians in each facility
  • Constant monitoring activities performed on raw material, processing, employee hygiene, sanitation, finished product
  • Samples retained from all lots of production
  • Regular microbial testing of finished products
  • Comprehensive documentation of pre-requisite programs and HACCP system requirements
  • Product quality attribute measuring program
  • Corporate quality assurance department focused on food safety and quality
  • Ongoing research and development of new technologies and incorporation of scientific advancements
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