The labor savings PLUS the ‘kick it up a notch’ look this product provided will make it a staple on every order… and on every wedding buffet I create”
Debi B., Caterer

Fresh-Cut Fruit

At Sun Rich, we create a fresh, safe, convenient cut fruit experience. We believe in the highest standards and holding ourselves accountable to them.

Healthy eating should be easy, so we make it that way. When you order any of our fruit, you can be confident you're getting products that are:



  • All fresh-cut fruit is delivered in easy-to-use, space-saving packaging.
  • Our ripe fruit is convenient in itself because it's ready to serve. (Save yourself labor costs.)


  • We regularly host third-party audits of our quality assurance and food safety procedures, and consistently score at industry leading levels.
  • Not only is our fruit safe, it helps keep your kitchens safe. (Eliminates many of the risks associated with employees doing the prep work)
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