4. E-mail & Internet Usage Policy


This policy is to establish standards with respect to how e-mail and the Internet can be used at Sun Rich, and what type of material can be downloaded and transmitted.  It also outlines the disciplinary measures that will be taken if this policy is violated.


Electronic mail or e-mail refers to a system that allows creating, editing, sending, receiving, forwarding, printing, filing, and deleting electronic messages within Sun Rich and/or the Internet.

Internet refers to the public, global network of public and private computers and networks that provides worldwide access to computer, information databases, computer file transfer mechanisms, electronic mail and on-line discussion groups.

For the purposed of this document, use of e-mail, the Internet refers to access through Sun Rich technology systems.

Personal information means recorded information about an identifiable individual.


This policy applies to all employees of Sun Rich.


  1. Use of e-mail and the Internet should be predominantly for business-related purposes.
  2. Employees are required to ensure that their personal interests in using e-mail and the Internet do not conflict with or appear to conflict with their duties and Sun Rich policies and procedures.  Therefore personal usage should be restricted to non-work hours.
  3. The following are unacceptable uses of e-mail and the Internet:
    • view, duplicate, store or transmit nudity or pornographic materials
    • transmit or post threatening, abusive or obscene material
    • operate a personal business
    • defamation
    • destroying or altering data
    • disclosing data – especially electronic information or records containing personal information
    • encryption exports:  exporting encryption software, putting it on the Internet without an export permit
    • fraud – misusing passwords, encryption keys, computer service accounts, eg., obtaining money, goods or services through false representation made on a computer system
    • gambling
    • hacking and trafficking:  making, possessing or distributing computer programs that are designed to assist in obtaining unlawful access to computer systems
    • harassment and threats – harassing other persons electronically
    • hatred:  willfully promoting hatred against an identifiable group
    • intellectual property:  breaching intellectual property rights
    • interfering with computer systems:  damaging or interfering with others’ lawful use of data and computers, eg., spreading viruses with intent to cause harm
    • misrepresentation:  fraudulent or negligent misrepresentation
    • privacy invasion:  intercepting private communications and unlawfully obtaining access to personal information.
  4. You agree to comply with all reasonable rules and restrictions that Sun Rich may impose on the use of computers, e mail and Internet access.  In particular you acknowledge that:
  • Sun Rich Right of Access:  Information stored or transmitted on Sun Rich's computers systems, including E-mail, is not private to you.  All information stored or transmitted on Sun Rich's systems is, and remains at all times, the property of Sun RichSun Rich reserves the right, at all times, and without prior notice to you, to access any information, data, file, or E-mail message on any of Sun Rich's information systems.  As a result, you have no expectation of privacy with respect to this information.
  • Monitoring of Computer Use:  The use of Sun Rich's computer systems may be monitored.  You must understand that information created, stored, or transmitted by Sun Rich's computer systems, including information you might consider personal, is available for review by authorized Sun Rich representatives for any purpose.  Please note that even when an E-mail message or other computer file is erased, it may be possible to recreate the message or file.
  • Passwords:  It is your responsibility to keep your password(s) secret. You may not share your passwords(s) with anyone, and you are responsible for all activity performed with your personal user ID or password.
  • Protecting Sun Rich Information: You are responsible for protecting Sun Rich's information and must follow company guidelines for the appropriate use, storage, transmittal, and destruction of company information.  This includes information stored on, or transmitted by, the company's computer systems.  Sun Rich's trade secrets, work product including any software files and confidential information should never be transmitted or forwarded to outside individuals or companies not authorized to receive that information and should not be sent or forwarded to other employees inside the company who do not need to know the information.  IF YOU ARE UNCERTAIN WHETHER YOU ARE AUTHORIZED TO SEND OR FORWARD SUCH INFORMATION, YOU SHOULD CHECK WITH YOUR SUPERVISOR.
  • Copying or Downloading of Software: Only software for which all applicable license fees have been paid may be installed on Sun Rich's computers and networks.  You are encouraged to have the software loaded by the I.T. Department or other designated personnel.  You may not copy software without the written permission of the owner.   Please be aware that using non-standard software, not reviewed at a project level by your department, can compromise the efficiency and integrity of the systems chosen by Sun Rich.  You should only use software deemed acceptable by Sun Rich for its business use.  Sun Rich’s computer systems are not to be used to copy and/or transmit documents, software, or other information protected by copyright laws, without written permission of the copyright owner.


  1. Employees are responsible for their own use of e-mail and the Internet.  If an employee is unclear whether certain usage is acceptable or not, the employee should discuss this with their supervisor.
  2. When an incident of improper use of e-mail or the Internet occurs, Human Resources will investigate the situation fully.
  3. Subject to the investigation and the nature of the incident, violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.
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